Dear Gennaro,

Thank you for the link to your wonderful documentary film. I am proud to be included and glad you found the interview of me to use.

I had no idea the town was so damaged in the earthquake. That must have been verydiscouragingto all. But what a magnificent restoration you completed... it is very handsome and wonderfully keeps the original character, ie its "cubism".
I do not know if you realize it, but I sent the last shipment of "Italian Hilltowns" free as a small contribution to your project.

In the film you mention Bernard Rudofsky. His book was very influential on me and all the books I have done. I knew him and he stayed in my house in Kyoto many years ago.

My best to you and Matteo and thanks for the invitation to visit. I will try someday, but at least my brother was there last year. A special pleasure of the film for me was the chance to see you and Matteo "in person" not just email.

Again, congratulations and my best regards, Norm Carver