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Our suites

The old houses of the village, restored referring to the historical memory of its original dwellers, are a prime example of a restoration that is attentive to the identity of the place and where diversity is a witness to authenticity.

Several options emanate from these principles, all aimed at guaranteeing quality and comfort.
Our reception staff will be happy to help you make the choice that suits you best.

Junior Suite

Our junior suites offer ample space where books, paintings and handcrafted textiles provide a special warmth to the rooms, combined with all modern comforts.

Junior Suite - 1
Junior Suite - 2
Junior Suite - 3
Junior Suite - 4
Junior Suite - 5
Junior Suite - 6
Junior Suite - 7
Junior Suite - 8

Deluxe Suite

Our De Luxe suites are very spacious and comfortable. They offer welcoming solutions suited to a family too, in the spirit of attention to detail and comfort.

Deluxe Suite - 1
Deluxe Suite - 2
Deluxe Suite - 3
Deluxe Suite - 4
Deluxe Suite - 5
Deluxe Suite - 6
Deluxe Suite - 7
Deluxe Suite - 8
Deluxe Suite - 9

Prestige Suite

The Prestige suites, in terms of location, size and outer spaces, are the ultimate expression of our hospitality offering.

Prestige Suite  - 1
Prestige Suite  - 2
Prestige Suite  - 3
Prestige Suite  - 4
Prestige Suite  - 5
Prestige Suite  - 6